A case study about Culture Shock


Description —

'Changing Perception'

is a collective body of work produced over a four-month period in response to the perception that evolves around us regularly. Leaving Malaysia and coming to Britain has given me a lot of opportunities to approach my life in a distinctive way. Experiencing things is the foundation of life, I have always wondered if there are any ways I would be able to alter the way of seeing, participating and experiencing the moment. This includes:


  • altering typing methods

  • modifying context of manners

  • transforming visual

  • exchanging cultural values

  • picking up a new talent

If you have experienced culture shock as I did - Shoot me a message so we could have a chat -

Projects about Changing Perception 

This body of work translates the changes in perception of how we look at things through: observation, investigation, experience, and among other attempts of appreciating life. Throughout the time spent curating my work, I have made a conscious effort to design a provocative direction to stimulate in others the perception I've come to developed in an unfamiliar culture:

AKA Culture Shock.


Jan―April 2016

Graphic Design BA(Hons) at UWE

First-Class Honours

— Art Direction
— Illustration
— Typography
— Print
— Digital 
— Editorial 
— Film