ISTD — Visualising Music:
Einstein on the Beach

Description —

Entry for the 2016 International Society of Typographic Designers* Students brief 'Visualising Music'.
*Awarded Entry to the Society

{Einstein on the Beach} percussion piece brings together percussion and singing with a folk-infused quartet that highlights avantgarde melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. The parts are achievable by high school students, giving them a good reason to play with other instrumentalists. This relatively short quartet is also a great choice for musicians who are looking for some gig repertoire - it is funky but pleasant in a background setting. This piece gives anyone the opportunity to work on fun ensembles with the others through music. It’s about expression and interpretation of yourself with the visuals.

This percussion piece comes in a package of:
1. The Score 
2. The Perfect Mallet
3. The Guidebook

Specifications —

Typography  Illustration  Layout Design

Logo. The visual concept called for an avant garde approach. Depicting the logo myself gave me the opportunity to play with the sensation of repetition in the music.

The use of typography is in harmorny with the concept of the music piece. I have chosen a sans serif type with huge family - Akzidenz-Grotesk. The Extended and Condensed family allows me to use it widely and matches my needs to be able to be playful and discipline.

1. The Score

The long score is folded into 23 parts. It contains basics information about the fundamental percussion beats of instrument.

I treated most of the type independently by using eye judgement to keep all the spacing consistence with each other. There is a lot of expressive typography being used in The Score. All the types are treated with care without distortion the original shape, so it stays as Akzidenz-Grotesk. The typography and grid system on The Score is more experimental and playful compared to The Guidebook.

Musicians read score in accordion format, and that is the reason I designed the score this way.

Accordion Fold
190 mm x 280 mm 
Digital Print 
23 pages 

2. The Perfect Mallet

The mallets are provided in a package. There are 2 types of mallets in the package. Depending on different catogeries you are playing.

Mallet 1 is for instrument A; mallet 2 is for instrument B and C

3. The Guide Book

The guidebook provides the basics elements and explaination for the percussion piece of {Einstein on the Beach}, which includes:

- Score Overview
- Note & measurements
- Articulation marks
- First time set up
- Explaination of instrument categories A, B, C & D

Throughout the whole Guide Book, it has been made a quite consistent use of expressive typography derived from The Score. I tried in most cases to bring it out of the grid and treated them independently, while in a few cases the text has been adjusted to follow the grid. The visual devices are all linked to The Score.

A mini-sized folded score in the Guide Book to give readers a better idea of how the score looks.

The whole package of the music score.

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