Description —

This is an ongoing project/experiment done to investigate perceptual learning. Perception plays an important role in a learning process and is determined by our motivational level. Learning involves dividing a large, general category into subcategories. Over the months, I put myself in the process of rehabilitating an old talent - playing the ukulele. Everyday during the months, I forced myself to practice the Ukulele for at least 15 minutes. By stretching the responsibility of learning into a long run, it soon became a habit rather than a forced duty.

Becoming an adult has made me comprehend the expectation of learning, it has became a burden when I know more. I needed a prove to justify the perception of learning.

In retrospect, the project has served as a catalyst for myself. Not only can Perceptual Learning be applied on children, we should also be implementing this mentality towards everything we come across. It is a long game after all.

Special thanks to 
Jack WaghornJohn Ravi and Callum Rothwell.  

Watch the video below to see how I pushed myself to play the ukulele everyday.

Specifications —

Series of 3
In various sizes
12 x A3 as one

Film — Graphics — Posters

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